What makes a good quality post?

We are over half way through the term and it certainly has been busy! Students have now set up individual blogs, choosing their own theme, widgets and blog avatar. The purpose of the blog is for student’s to use it as a personal reflection of learning, as well as to communicate and connect with other students and classes here at school. Some work will be done at school and students can also work on them at home. Online safety will be of the utmost importance throughout the blogging process. We have talked about the qualities that make a good post:

1. It needs all of the standard elements of writing and should be interesting and well written (introduction, body and conclusion). It also needs to have correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

2. A quality post includes multimedia elements such as pictures, video or audio and can also include appropriate links.

3. Finally, a blog post needs to have an interesting title that will bring in readers.

Blogging is extending your audience beyond the teacher and the classroom, so you should always want your work to be at the highest standard. Thanks to Mr W. and Mr F. for their help. Please make sure any comments you leave also follow these guidelines. They should be positive and constructive.


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